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How to achieve total body fitness with the Spartan program.

The Spartans were able to deal with whatever confronted them even if it was a massive Persian army. Their motto of "come home with your shield or upon it" shows how tough their attitude was. And their tough attitude went hand-in-hand with a tough body.

The Spartan physique was not a specialty physique but rather a body built to deal with whatever it encountered. This meant that the Spartan had to be able to use a burst of power in close quarter battle action, or to be able to run for miles. In essence the Spartan body type was a hybrid physique, a mix of powerful anaerobic conditioning along with extreme aerobic conditioning.

Today an athlete may specialize in one area such as short distance sprinting and devote all of their training and time to that style of working out. The Spartan's didnt have the luxury of zeroing in on just one aspect of fitness. A Spartan might have to suddenly jump up and run 20 miles. Such a run most likely would kill your typical bodybuilder as most are not built for endurance.

To emulate the Spartan approach is to build a hybrid physique a body that can handle whatever is thrown at it. The hybrid physique is a mix of power and agility, of speed and endurance. It is much more holistic training than the specialty approach that many people get caught up in today.

The Spartan hybrid physique is lean and mean, and perhaps the best overall approach to total body fitness there is. The body built in the Spartan style is both capable and healthy.

You can build a Spartan style body if you put in the right type of training. Money is not an excuse remember that the Spartans were spare and simple. So is the best training. You don't need a lot to do a lot with your physique.

You can build a great body using just your body as your training tool. Or you can spend a little and make your own home gym where you can train whenever you want. The Spartan Program provides you with the direction to do either or both.

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