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Diet Myths Debunked

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Avoid these diet myths that keep us fat.

To paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill, never in the course of human events has so much bunk and nonsense been written about such a simple act - the natural and necessary act of ingesting nutrients.

It's not complicated.

If you wrote about the facts of human nutrition 50,000 years ago it would read the same as you would write today. Yes we know more about the how and why but the process remains the same. What has been added is the communication to foster the bunk and nonsense.

In this article we shall examine the many myths about eating behavior, but for now let us look at the diet "craze."

Someone has estimated that there are over 10,000 proposed diets for the public to peruse. Obviously if any one of them was the answer, who needs the others.

Excuses for our over weight and obese epidemic are both humorous and sad. "I have a glandular problem. " Yea, the salivary glands. "I have been working in the hospital cafeteria for eight years. I don't eat any more but the smells have caused me to gain 40 pounds" A client's actual statement!

Decide which of these statements are true and which ones are false.
1. It's not how much we eat but what we eat.
2. We should never eat anything white.
3. The key to eating is to have our diets consist only of correctly matched foods.
4. To cut down on calororic intake restrict eating to only one meal a day.
5. Many "good" diets make it possible to lose ten pounds a week.
6. To gain muscle and not fat we need to load up on the intake of protein.
7. Vitamin and food supplements in place of "regular food" is the way to go.


There is no reputable scientific evidence to support any of these statements.

When we speak of diets, obviously we are not including eating plans recommended by the American Heart Association or Registered Dieticians.

There are no "magic" short cuts to correct eating behavior. Correct eating behavior is simple.

1. Balance. Consume all of the Nutrients which are Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Water, Minerals and Water

2. Frequency and amount are key.

3. Weight lose or gain is nothing more than energy in and energy out. Take in more than we burn and weight is gained. Burn more than we take in and weight is lost

Period. End of story!

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