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Exercise Variety Benefits

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The importance of exercise variety.

There is no "perfect" or "complete" or "best" exercise. Results are specific to the angle, velocity and intensity of the exercise. It is called the law of specificity.

A muscle is composed of many muscle fibers running the length of the muscle. We recruit the number of fibers needed for a specific force production. We rarely, if ever, use all of the fibers. The number and location of the fibers recruited corresponds to the angle, velocity and force needed to accomplish a given task and it is those fibers which are "trained."Obviously the remaining fibers are not "trained."

When we alter the angle, the velocity and force needed, even a small amount, we are in effect doing a different exercise; training different fibers.

When asking is an exercise is good, we must ask, "good for what?" For example, good for fat loss, increasing muscle size, building endurance, etc. Each goal requires different training regimens

No one exercise is "good" for all purposes. In other words, "good" is for the fibers used at a specific angle, at a certain velocity producing a needed force.

Of course the best exercise is the one you're not currently doing!

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