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Fitness Breakfast

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Eat a healthy breakfast for fitness.

One of the keys to controlling appetite is maintaining a constant and stable glucose level, (blood sugar). Remember that the central nervous system operates on two fuels, oxygen and the end product of food, glucose.

When we eat is important. Remember as youngsters being told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

Follow this scenario: Up in the morning -reluctantly- and the blood sugar is low because we having fasted all night. We need a "pick-em-up." Caffeine, refined sugars do just that. They enable what little glucose remains in the blood system to suddenly enter the nervous system and "bingo" we are alive. The problem is that we have not put a significant amount of glucose back into the blood system so an hour or so later we go on a downer and need another boost, hence the great American coffee break.

Comes lunch and we must be careful and not over eat and therefore skimp again and the available glucose becomes less and less.

We go home to the evening meal ravenously hungry and proceed to eat the doorknob, Venetian blinds and anything else that gets in the way. We spend the rest of the evening hoping the refrigerator fairy has been good so as to eliminate the glucose deficiency. It never happens.

We must begin the day with a good balanced breakfast (note balanced, not just cereal). This sets the stage for the necessary build up of glucose. Follow this with another balanced meal, lunch. Dependent on the energy expenditure, between snacks may be necessary. Because the glucose levels have been stabilized during the day the appetite is under control and a moderate intake for the evening meal is more than appropriate. So appropriate that you might consider consuming seventy five percent of your calories before one p.m.

Here is the bottom line:

1. You will feel better and think more clearly

2. Lessen the mood and attitude swings

3. More energy

4. Appetite control

Be advised that I have never known anyone to control a weight problem long term who did not eat a balanced breakfast!

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