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How to live the health and fitness lifestyle.

The health and fitness lifestyle is actually not something that is only a state of your physical health but includes all the additional benefits that can be achieved including mental well-being. Although this is more of an attitude than anything else it is nevertheless something that is very specific.

There are some factors you can control or improve and some factors that you cannot because of your genetic liabilities that you carry or any disability that you might have. These are things like your height, your Somatotype which is your body size and shape can impact upon how suited you are to some sports for example.

Probably the most important of these factors that influence your healthy lifestyle are the mental factors or your mental outlook in general. It is important to note that stress and anxiety involved in work and training can directly affect our fitness.

A vitally important factor of any healthy lifestyle is your diet. A good diet is balanced to provide all the nutrients we need to keep fit and healthy. There are two very specific forms of fitness and they are cardiovascular fitness and muscular fitness:

Cardiovascular Fitness is the ability of your heart and lungs to keep your working muscles supplied with Oxygen. While muscular fitness is when your muscles are strong and can apply a lot of force to push, pull, lift and throw things.

Below is an official list of the specific healthy lifestyle attributes that can be very specifically defined in creating a general sense of well-being and health. The healthy lifestyle that you enjoy can be broken down into specific categories listed below.

Physical well-being - You are injury and disease free!

Mental well-being - You do not suffer from mental problems or high levels of stress or anxiety

Social well-being - You believe you have some purpose in society and have friends. You have food, clothes and shelter.

Your health can be affected by a number of factors. The following acronym can help you remember them: PLEASED

Personal hygiene - Keeping clean will help you avoid illness

Lifestyle - Your lifestyle is the way you live your life, including activities, your job, rest time etc. A highly stressed or lazy lifestyle will affect your health!

Emotional health - Work, relationships and friends can all cause you to feel either good, or bad! Try to avoid too much stress and anxiety

Alcohol / Drugs - Excessive consumption of alcohol and use of illegal drugs can have negative effects on your physical, emotional and social well-being

Safety - Not being safe and careful, especially in some jobs and sports can cause injuries. Make sure you use the correct equipment!

Environment - Noisy environments can cause stress and lack of sleep. Polluted environments can cause health problems

Diet - Having a well-balanced diet helps to keep you healthy by making sure you get all the nutrients your body needs

Fitness can be either general or specific:

You are healthy and can perform daily activities without suffering fatigue.

You have: Strength; Speed; Stamina; Suppleness

You also possess:

Cardiovascular endurance - so your muscles get enough Oxygen to work effectively

Muscular endurance - so your muscles don't get tired easily

Good body composition - You have the right percentage of fat versus muscle

You need all of the things above, plus:




Explosive strength

Fast reactions

Good timing

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This publication is presented for information purposes, to increase the public knowledge of health and fitness.

The information presented is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice.

Any of this advice should not be adopted without a consultation with your health professional.

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