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Make a Workout Sandbag

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How to make a inexpensive sandbag for working out.

Sandbag workouts and mixing in sandbag exercises into your routine are great for strength, power and Conditioning but letís face it, they arenít cheap. Not everyone has $100 dollars to drop on a sandbag. Luckily A good sandbag can be made for relatively low cost.

You will need the following.
1 - 24 x 36 Army Duffle Bag - $14-$18
1 - 60 lb bag of all purpose gravel - $3.50 (Sand can also be used, but isnít as bulky as the gravel)
1 - Bag of rubber mulch - $7.50 (used as a filler to take up excess space)
1 - Package of plastic cable ties - $1.50
Duct tape

1. Decide how heavy you want the bag to be and then mix together the gravel and rubber mulch
2. After mixing, dump the gravel and rubber mulch into the duffle bag.
3. Bunch up the top and attach two of the plastic cable ties, pulling them as tight as possible
4. Wrap duct tape around the cable ties so they cannot poke you. The tape is not used for securing purposes.
5. Now you have a high quality sandbag that cost you less than $30

Note: There are many different things you can use in place of the rubber mulch but I prefer it because it takes up space in the bag, and won't cause any dust to come out of the bag when working out with it.

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