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Muscle Endurance Exercises

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The Best Muscle Endurance Exercises.


Muscular endurance is required in order for you to last in that gym for a longer amount of time. You need muscle endurance who do repetitive movements in their muscles for long periods. This goes hand in hand with soccer, running, and other sports. Performing exercises at low weights and more numbers of reptititiond is key for more muscle endurance. Use these exericses for a stronger body that is more prepared and more agile.

Muscle Endurance Exercises

- Push Ups

The goal with muscle endurance building is to do sa ms am any reps as possible. Try to do 15 to 25 push ups with 10 reps or more. The key with push ups is to go all the way down and to keep a straight and level body from your feet to your head.

- Supermans

A superman exercise involves laying down on your stomach and chest, and then extending your legs up and your head up while staying on your stomach. Supermans should be done with caution by avoiding to arch your back during the exercise. Do it for 30 seconds across 10 reps or more until near exhaustion. It works the back and strengthens its muscles without weights.

- Dips

Dips should be done with good form. Take a strong chair or platform around waist-high for you to put your hands on from behind, and then dip with your hands from your back. Allow for your feet to be straight, but bending them makes it a bit easier. Dips are great for the triceps, and they can good endurance for that area since others focus on the biceps and legs. 15 to 25 dips is good, and make sure to do multiple sets.

- Squat Throws

A good exercise is to do regular squats, but using a medicine ball. Do a regular squat while holding the ball, and then throw it up high and let it fall to the ground. Pick it up and do it around 15 to 25 times with multiple reps.

Muscle endurance is all about doing as much as you possibly can. You want to go for lighter workouts that work your body almost to the point of exhaustion. It works great for achieving more strength so you can workout and complete any sport successfully and with more strength. The key is consistency and really doing as many reps until you have reached almost complete exhaustion.

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