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The best cardio endurance workouts.

Cardiovascular fitness increases endurance and aerobic capacity by strengthening the heart muscle and increasing oxygen flow capacity in the lungs, making both systems function more effectively. While cardiovascular fitness in a great way to strengthen the heart and lungs, it is also a great way to burn fat, increase energy levels and begin the muscle toning process. There are many forms of cardiovascular exercises and the following list along with explanations will help provide you with just a few:

Walking - Be it around the block or on a treadmill, walking is one of the safest, effective forms of exercise around, it burns lots of calories and is a cost effective way to becoming more fit.

Bicycling - Stationary or street cycling provides a great aerobic workout with the added benefit of lower body toning. Changing gears or level or intensity (on a stationary bike), increases the demands on both the cardiovascular system and the muscles of the lower body, more specifically the front of the thighs. Therefore, while you're burning fat and increasing energy you can also tone and redefine your legs.

Swimming - A great non-impact cardiovascular exercise is considered the second safest form of cardiovascular conditioning. Swimming not only conditions the cardiovascular system, but it incorporates the use of major muscle groups in the upper and lower body providing toning to arms, legs and back using water as a form of resistance.

Jogging - Another good form of cardiovascular conditioning. Although jogging is effective in strengthening the heart and lungs, it is considered a a weight bearing exercise because of the amount of impact sustained when the foot is in contact with the pavement. This fact makes it important for exercisers to purchase a good pair of athletic shoes specifically designed for running. The shoe should have good arch, heel and ankle support along with plenty of shock absorbing material. In addition it is important for the jogger to work at a pace that is comfortable yet challenging.

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